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  • Exam Number: 6201-1
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  • Updated On: 18-Mar-2023

A customer needs help with maintaining service level targets.
Which Advocate feature wil make automated adjustments to overload settings?`

A. Dynamic Threshold Adjustment
B. Service Objective
C. Dynamic Percent Al ocation
D. Vector Queuing Priorities

Answer(s): A
A customer just upgraded their CMS to release R16 from release Rt4. The switch is
releaseCM4 and is not going to be upgraded to CM 6untilnextweek
When the switch is upgraded, what needs to happen before the link wil come up using theCM6

A. Only the reporting adjunct in the switch needs to be changed to R16 CMS.
B. Only the switch release in the CMS needs to be changed to CM6.
C. Both the reporting adjunct the switch and the switch release in the CMS need to be updated
D. It is not necessary fareither the reporting adjunct orthe switch release to change.

Answer(s): C
A technician integratesthecustomer'snetwork and links the CM reference between CM and CMS
is greater than 24 hours.
Whatcan be done to fix the problem?

A. Shutdown the CMS to the ak prompt level and adjust the BIOS time.
B. Run the script /cms/install/autotime to synchronize the Communication Manager's time to the
C. In. CMS, login as root and use the /cms/datesync command to sync the CMS and CM time.
D. FromSolarislogin as root and use the date command

Answer(s): D
(# Backup Database name, login name and password BackUpDBName=MVCDRSBACKUP
BackUpUPassword= )
A customer has purchased 5200 agent licenses and each agent has been assigned at least 3
skil s.
Which two values would be a valid Data Storage Al ocation entry for "Maximumagents lagged
in"? (Choose two)

A. 10400


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