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An experimenter examines the effects of three types of prompts on compliance in a developmentally disabled person. In this experiment, what is the independent variable?

  1. The location of the environment
  2. The three types of prompts
  3. The level of compliance
  4. The diagnosis of the individual

Answer(s): B

An experimenter examines the level of noise in a school bus full of children under the following conditions: baseline, rock music, baseline, classical music. In this experiment, the dependent variable is:

  1. Time
  2. The number of children on the bus
  3. The level of noise
  4. The type of music

Answer(s): A

A person is asked to make his bed. His caregiver checks 30 minutes later and the bed was made. No one else was present during that time. The caregiver records that the client made his bed even though he did not observe the behavior directly. The data collection method used is:

  1. Duration recording
  2. Whole-interval recording
  3. Latency recording
  4. Permanent product recording

Answer(s): D

Talking out in class results in a child losing a star on his star chart. The loss of a star appears to be an attempt to implement a(n)_____________ procedure.

  1. Response cost
  2. Negative reinforcement
  3. Aversion therapy
  4. Errorless learning

Answer(s): A

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