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Alternative appropriate behaviors that serve the same function for an individual:

  1. Always involve skills the individual already possesses
  2. Produces the same reinforcer for the individual
  3. Have the same topography as the problem behavior
  4. Always requires the same amount of response effort as the problem behavior

Answer(s): B

A_____________ is derived from a descriptive analysis.

  1. Hypothesis
  2. Statement of causation
  3. Data-driven conclusion
  4. Hypotenuse

Answer(s): A

When an observer notes everything the client does or says as well as events before and after the episode of behavior, he or she is using:

  1. Duration recording
  2. Permanent product recording
  3. ABC recording
  4. Time sampling

Answer(s): C

A good behavior analyst always does what before authoring a behavior intervention?

  1. Functional analysis
  2. Momentary time sampling
  3. Direct observation
  4. Implements the least aversive, most effective punisher

Answer(s): D

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