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This is a three-task extract from a model of a `Fulfil Order' process:

The steps in the Assemble Order' task are listed below, in the wrong order:

a) Get correct quality of item(S)

b) Select suitable packing materials

c) For each item on pick list

d) Take items to packing table

e) Go to bin location

f) Print picklist

What is the CORRECT order of steps in the Assemble order' task'?

  1. f,c,e,a,d,b
  2. c,a,f,e,b,d
  3. b,f,e,a,d,c
  4. f, e, a, c, b, d

Answer(s): A

A company's electronic content management system was implemented last year, a business analyst has now been brought in to assess the business benefits of the system.

The analyst learnt that the project's business case wasprimarily built around the efficiency that paperless order processing would bring and that the project went well, but the expected business benefit have not all been realized. In the course of an investigation, it was found that the sales team are continuing to out hard copies of customer order.

Which element of POPIT did the project not fully consider?

  1. Processes.
  2. Information and Technology
  3. People.
  4. Organisation

Answer(s): D

A record company is implementing a new system to replace an existing legacy system. The project has challenging as the new system must be implemented before support for the existing system is withdrawn. The business users have been involvedthroughoutthe project and their confidence in the new system is high.

Which implementation approach is the LEAST appropriate in this situation?

  1. Pilot
  2. Phased
  3. Direct changeover
  4. Parallel running.

Answer(s): C

A village clerk receives bookings for the use of the village hall for events such as weddings and parties. Although the village hall has a website, bookings have to be made in an email request from a potential customer to the village clerk, giving the dates and times required. The event name is `'Email

  1. Request deposit
  2. Check customer details
  3. Book hall
  4. Check hall availability

Answer(s): C

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