Free AIE02 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: AIE02
  • Provider: Blue Prism
  • Questions: 45
  • Updated On: 29-Sep-2022

What algorithm is used to encrypt Credentials stored within Blue Prism? (select one)

A. It always uses AES-256 and a key that is randomly generated when the Application Server
B. It automatical y uses the most cryptographicallystrong scheme that has been configured
within the environment
C. It uses the algorithm and key defined on the encryption scheme that? currently selected as
the Credentials Encryption Scheme
D. It uses thealgorithmdefined on the encryption scheme that is currently selected as the
Credentials Encryption Scheme along with a key that is randomly generated when the
ApplicationServer restarts

Answer(s): C
What does the /SSLCert switch provide when starting a Runtime Resource? (select two)

A. It ensures that the Runtime Resource establishes a secure outbound connection with the
Application Server of Database Server
B. It ensures that inbound connections on the listening port (default 9181) will be encrypted
C. When hosting Web Services on the Runtime Resources, the inbound corrections w# need to
D. Only users who have used a domain account to log onto the device can launch Blue Prism

Answer(s): A, B
Which of the following MUST be considered when deployingLogin Agent? (select four)

A. A number of security settings need to be appropriately configure/disabled on each device
where a runs (e.g ctrl + alt +del prior to login must be disabled)
B. The Login Agent Runtime Resource is configured lo use one of the Blue Prism connections
configured on the local device
C. Editing the configuration of theLogin Agent Runtime Resource can be done within the
appropriate configuration file
D. Login Agent can only be used on devices that are members of a" Active Directory Dom*n
Network Infrastructure
E. Once a device has been logged in,a conventional Runtime Resource needs to be configured
to start automatical y (which wil automaticallyshut-down the LoginAgent Runtime Resource)

Answer(s): A, B, C
What is the Blue Prism interactive Client used for? (select three)

A. It is responsible for automatically starting and stopping schedules
B. In non-production environment. it is where automated processes are designed and verified