Free 400-007 Exam Braindumps

While reviewing an existing network design, you are discussing the characteristics of different STP versions.
Which protocol minimizes unicast flooding during a Topology Change Notification in a Layer 2 switched network with many VLANs?

  2. MST
  3. STP
  4. PVSTP+

Answer(s): A

Which two impacts of adding the IP event dampening feature to a network design are true? (Choose two.)

  1. It protects against routing loops.
  2. It switches traffic immediately after a link failure.
  3. lt speeds up link failure detection.
  4. It reduces the utilization of system processing resources.
  5. It improves overall network stability.

Answer(s): D,E

How many fully established neighbour relationships exist on an Ethernet with five routers running OSPF as network type broadcast?

  1. 5
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 10
  5. 20

Answer(s): C

You are designing an Out of Band Cisco Network Admission Control. Layer 3 Real-IP Gateway deployment for a customer.
Which VLAN must be trunked back to the Clean Access Server from the access switch?

  1. authentication VLAN
  2. user VLAN
  3. untrusted VLAN
  4. management VLAN

Answer(s): D

Refer to the exhibit.

A customer runs OSPF with Area 5 between its aggregation router and an internal router When a network change occurs in the backbone. Area 5 starts having connectivity issues due to the SPF algorithm recalculating an abnormal number of times in Area 5 You are tasked to redesign this network to increase resiliency on the customer network with the caveat that Router B does not support the stub area How can you accomplish this task*?

  1. Increase the bandwidth on the connection between Router A and Router B
  2. Implement LSA filtering ontheAB, allowing summary routes and preventing more specific routes into Area 5
  3. Create a virtual link to Area 0 from Router B to the ABR
  4. Turn on LSA throttling on all devices in Area 5
  5. Set Area 5 to stubby at the ABR anyway

Answer(s): B