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  • Exam Number: 700-805
  • Provider: Cisco®
  • Questions: 50
  • Updated On: 2-Feb-2023

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700-805 Exam Objectives & Details

How to Pass the 700-805 Cisco Renewals Manager (CRM) Exam

To become a certified Cisco Renewals Manager (CRM), one must pass the 700-805 exam. The 700-805 exam tests a candidate's knowledge and skills in managing renewals for Cisco customers. It covers topics such as understanding the renewals process, creating renewal quotes, and managing customer renewals.

Exam Details:

  • Cost: The cost of the 700-805 exam varies by region, but it typically ranges from $200 to $300 USD.
  • Passing Mark: A passing score for the 700-805 exam is not publicly disclosed by Cisco.
  • Time: The 700-805 exam is a 90-minute exam consisting of 65 to 75 multiple-choice questions.
  • Delivery Method: The 700-805 exam is offered in a proctored, computer-based format.
  • Format: The 700-805 exam consists of multiple-choice questions that are designed to test a candidate's knowledge and skills in managing renewals for Cisco customers.

Exam Objectives:

  • Understand the renewals process and how it fits into the overall customer life cycle.
  • Create renewal quotes and manage customer renewals.
  • Identify and manage renewals risks and opportunities.
  • Identify and manage customer renewals using Cisco's tools and processes.
  • Understand and apply the principles of customer relationship management (CRM) to renewals.

To prepare for the 700-805 exam, it is recommended that candidates have a solid understanding of the renewals process and experience with managing customer renewals. Candidates can also benefit from taking official Cisco training courses and using study materials such as exam preparation guides and practice exams.

In addition to formal training and study, candidates can also gain hands-on experience by working in a role that involves managing renewals for Cisco customers. This practical experience can help candidates better understand the concepts covered on the 700-805 exam and give them the confidence they need to pass the exam.

It is important to note that the 700-805 exam is just one step in becoming a certified Cisco Renewals Manager (CRM). In addition to passing the exam, candidates must also agree to adhere to the CRM Code of Ethics and abide by the CRM Program Requirements.

By preparing properly and studying the exam objectives, candidates can increase their chances of passing the 700-805 Cisco Renewals Manager (CRM) exam and becoming a certified CRM. Good luck!

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