Free 700-901 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: 700-901
  • Provider: Cisco®
  • Questions: 40
  • Updated On: 8-Apr-2021

What is the name of Cisco Meraki's location analytics and engagement solution?

A. EasyPass Logic
B. Location Based Services
C. Connected Mobile Experience
D. Meridian Editor

Answer(s): B
Which statement correctly defines how Cisco Meraki devices behave should they not be able to
contact the Meraki Cloud server?

A. The devices may be re-initiated into a backup mode if an administrator manual y intervenes
using a direct, local connection.
B. The network devices attempt to establish a connection to a local y hosted database server
that has been configured for high availability.
C. The network stops passing traffic across all devices and then interlaces including any
connected non-Cisco Meraki devices
D. The network devices continue to function normally (traffic flows at full line rate), but
management and configuration functions are interrupted

Answer(s): D
Which feature of the Cisco Meraki MV cameras provides efficient inspection of an area of
interest across recorded footage?

A. Dynamic pan-tilt-zoom query
B. Retroactive motion event search
C. Vari-focal zoom-and-enhance
D. High-definition video wal

Answer(s): C
Which two products are considered a part of the Cisco Meraki full stack? (Choose two.)

A. Aironet wireless access points
B. Catalyst switches
C. MR wireless access points
D. UCS servers
E. MX security appliances

Answer(s): C, E