Free 820-605 Exam Braindumps

Which key industry trend explains the need for companies to invest in a Customer Success practice and Customer Success Manager role?

  1. Service organizations must evolve from a “break fix” business model to proactive and pre-emptive services that help prevent problems for customers before they arise and accelerate solution adoption. The CSM advises and professional services team on the best services to position.
  2. IT budgets are shifting to line of business decision makers who want to understand the business outcomes from technology investments before they purchase. The CSM supports sales with use cases and testimonials for proposed solutions.
  3. IT is increasingly adopting new consumption models. In a subscription economy, customers can cancel subscriptions if business value and tangible outcomes are not realized. The CSM ensures that the customer's business outcomes are achieved with the shortest time to value.
  4. The accelerated pace of innovation in the era of the Internet of Things confuses many customers. A CSM helps sales position the right technologies that will accelerate success for their business.

Answer(s): C

What is a lagging indicator of the customer achieving the value proposition?

  1. product deployment
  2. contract renewal
  3. decrease in the number of problem reports
  4. movement to evaluate stage

Answer(s): C


Which Customer Success activity is critical from the supplier perspective?

  1. identifying opportunities for sales expansion
  2. driving full adoption of the company's technology across all supported solutions
  3. ensuring the customer has a success plan and is achieving each milestone in a timely manner
  4. listening carefully to the customer's feedback and taking actions so the company's solutions can be improved

Answer(s): C

An external customer case study is being created. Drag and drop the contents which show value from the left onto the right. Not all content choices are used.
Select and Place:

  1. See Explanation section for answer.

Answer(s): A


A large university has deployed a new IT solution designed to improve the overall student and staff experience. Which approach will best measure success?

  1. Administer twice-yearly student and staff surveys with two questions related to IT
  2. Measure the number of complaints raised by students
  3. Use a combination of tailored surveys and IT tools-based metrics
  4. Implement staff Super Users to provide feedback

Answer(s): B