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  • Exam Number: CCA-500
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  • Updated On: 24-Mar-2023

Your cluster's mapred-start.xml includes the following parameters
And any cluster's yarn-site.xml includes the following parameters
What is the maximum amount of virtual memory allocated for each map task before YARN will
kil its Container?

A. 4 GB
B. 17.2 GB
C. 8.9 GB
D. 8.2 GB
E. 24.6 GB

Answer(s): D
In order to get maximum amount of virtual memory allocated for each map task, you have to
multiply with yarn.nodemanager.vmen- pmen-ration. The result
would be 8601.6 MB. So the nearest answer is 8.2 since 8.9 is more than 8601.6 MB.
Reference: Parameters
Assuming you're not running HDFS Federation, what is the maximum number of NameNode
daemons you should run on your cluster in order to avoid a "split-brain" scenario with your
NameNode when running HDFS High Availability (HA) using Quorum-based storage?

A. Two active NameNodes and two Standby NameNodes
B. One active NameNode and one Standby NameNode
C. Two active NameNodes and on Standby NameNode
D. Unlimited. HDFS High Availability (HA) is designed to overcome limitations on the number of
NameNodes you can deploy

Answer(s): B
Table schemas in Hive are:

A. Stored as metadata on the NameNode
B. Stored along with the data in HDFS
C. Stored in the Metadata
D. Stored in ZooKeeper

Answer(s): B

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