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An RF signal sometimes bends as it passes through some material other than free space. What is the term that describes this behavior?

  1. Refraction
  2. Warping
  3. Scattering
  4. Reflection

Answer(s): A

What can an impedance mismatch in the RF cables and connectors cause?

  1. Increased range of the RF signal
  2. Fewer MCS values in the MCS table
  3. Increased amplitude of the RF signal
  4. Excessive VSWR

Answer(s): D

What factor does not influence the distance at which an RF signal can be effectively received?

  1. Receiving station’s radio sensitivity
  2. Receiving station’s output power
  3. Transmitting station’s output power
  4. Free Space Path Loss

Answer(s): A

A WLAN transmitter that emits a 50 mW signal is connected to a cable with 3 dB loss. If the cable is connected to an antenna with 9dBi gain, what is the EIRP at the antenna element?

  1. 26 dBm
  2. 13 dBm
  3. 23 dBm
  4. 10 dBm

Answer(s): C

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