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What ID is typically mapped to an AP’s MAC address if a single BSS is implemented?

  1. SSID
  2. Device ID
  3. VLAN ID
  4. BSSID

Answer(s): D

What is appended to the end of each 802.11 data frame after the payload?

  1. Preamble
  2. MAC header
  3. PHY header
  4. FCS

Answer(s): D

When an ACK frame is not received by the transmitting STA, what is assumed?

  1. The receiver processed the frame, but did not respond with an ACK frame because 802.11w is enabled
  2. The frame was correctly delivered
  3. The frame was not delivered and must be retransmitted
  4. The receiver is offline

Answer(s): C

When a client station sends a broadcast probe request frame with a wildcard SSID, how do APs respond?

  1. Each AP responds in turn after preparing a probe response and winning contention.
  2. For each probe request frame, only one AP may reply with a probe response.
  3. Each AP checks with the DHCP server to see if it can respond and then acts accordingly.
  4. After waiting a SIFS, all APs reply at the same time with a probe response.

Answer(s): A

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