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You have been asked to limit a platform called “Windows_Servers” to safes called “WindowsDC1” and “WindowsDC2”. The platform must not be assigned to any other safe.
What is the correct way to accomplish this?

  1. Edit the “Windows_Servers” platform, expand “Automatic Password Management”, then select General and modify “AllowedSafes” to be (WindowsDC1)|(WindowsDC2).
  2. Edit the “Windows_Servers” platform, expand “Automatic Password Management”, then select Options and modify “AllowedSafes” to be (Win*).
  3. Edit the “WindowsDC1” and “WindowsDC2” safes through Safe Management, Add “Windows_Servers” to the “AllowedPlatforms”.
  4. Log in to PrivateArk using an Administrative user, Select File, Server File Categories, Locate the category “WindowsServersAllowedSafes” and specify “WindowsDC1,WindowsDC2”.

Answer(s): A

The account used to install a PVWA must have ownership of which safes? (Choose two.)

  1. VaultInternal
  2. PVWAConfig
  3. System
  4. Notification Engine
  5. PVWAReports

Answer(s): A,D

DRAG DROP (Drag and Drop is not supported)
Arrange the steps to install the Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) in the correct sequence.

  1. See Explanation section for answer.

Answer(s): A


Which configuration file and Vault utility are used to migrate the server key to an HSM?

  1. DBparm.ini and CAVaultManager.exe
  2. VaultKeys.ini and CAVaultManager.exe
  3. DBparm.ini and ChangeServerKeys.exe
  4. VaultKeys.ini and ChangeServerKeys.exe

Answer(s): A

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