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You are installing a CPM.
In addition to Add Safes, Add/Update Users, Reset Users’ Passwords and Manage Server File Categories, which Vault authorization(s) does a CyberArk user need to install the CPM?

  1. Manage Directory Mapping
  2. Activate Users
  3. Backup All Safes, Restore All Safes
  4. Audit Users, Add Network Areas

Answer(s): C

In which configuration file do you add LoadBalancerClientAddressHeader when you enable x-forwarding on the PVWA loadbalancer?

  1. PVconfiguration.xml
  2. web.config
  3. apigw.ini
  4. CyberArkScheduledTasks.exe.config

Answer(s): B

You are configuring SNMP remote monitoring for your organization’s Vault servers.
In the PARAgent.ini, which parameter specifies the destination of the Vault SNMP traps?

  1. SNMPHostIP
  2. SNMPTrapPort
  3. SNMPCommunity
  4. SNMPVersion

Answer(s): A

You want to improve performance on the CPM by restricting accounts for the CYBRWINDAD platform to only the WINDEMEA and WINDEMEA_Admin safes.
How do you set this in CyberArk?

  1. In the CYBRWINDAD platform, under Automatic Password Management/General, configure AllowedSafes and set to (WINDEMEA)|(WINDEMEA_ADMIN).
  2. In the settings for Configuration/CPM assigned to the WINDEMEA and WINDEMEAADMIN safes, configure AllowedSafes and set to (WINDEMEA)|(WINDEMEAADMIN).
  3. In the CYBRWINDAD platform, under UI&Workflows/Properties/Optional, configure AllowedSafes and set to (WINDEMEA)|(WINDEMEA_ADMIN).
  4. Modify cpm.ini on the relevant CPM/s and add the setting AllowedSafesCYBRWINDAD and set to (WINDEMEA)|(WINDEMEAADMIN).

Answer(s): A

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