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CyberArk User Neil is trying to connect to the Target Linux server using a domain account ACME/linuxuser01 on domain acme.corp using PSM for SSH server
What is the correct syntax?

  1. ssh neil@linuxuser01:acme.corp@
  2. ssh neil@linuxuser01#acme.corp@
  3. ssh neil@linuxuser01@
  4. ssh neil@linuxuser01@acme.corp@

Answer(s): D

In addition to bit rate and estimated total duration of recordings per day, what is needed to determine the amount of storage required for PSM recordings?

  1. retention period
  2. number of PSMs
  3. number of users
  4. number of targets

Answer(s): A

Which components can connect to a satellite Vault in a distributed Vault architecture?

  1. CPM, EPM, PTA
  2. PVWA, PSM
  4. CPM, PSM

Answer(s): B

You are installing PSM for SSH with AD-Bridge and CyberArkSSHD mode set to integrated for your customer. Which additional packages do you need to install to meet the customer’s needs? (Choose two.)

  1. CARKpsmp-infra
  2. libssh
  3. OpenSSH 7.8 or higher
  4. CARKpsmp-ADBridge
  5. CARKpsmp-SSHD

Answer(s): A,B

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