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What is the difference between penetration testing and vulnerability testing?

A. Penetration testing goes one step further than vulnerability testing; while vulnerability tests
check for known vulnerabilities, penetration testing adopts the concept of `in-depth ethical
B. Penetration testing is based on purely online vulnerability analysis while vulnerability testing
engages ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities
C. Vulnerability testing is more expensive than penetration testing
D. Penetration testing is conducted purely for meeting compliance standards while vulnerability
testing is focused on online scans

Answer(s): A

Hackers today have an ever-increasing list of weaknesses in the web application structure at
their disposal, which they can exploit to accomplish a wide variety of malicious tasks.

New flaws in web application security measures are constantly being researched, both by
hackers and by security professionals. Most of these flaws affect all dynamic web applications
whilst others are dependent on specific application technologies.
In both cases, one may observe how the evolution and refinement of web technologies also
brings about new exploits which compromise sensitive databases, provide access to

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