Free ITSM20FB Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: ITSM20FB
  • Provider: EXIN
  • Questions: 78
  • Updated On: 15-Jan-2022

Which of the following is a best practice concerning information securitycha risk assessment?

A. Information security risk assessments should be carried out by an external auditor to
maintain objectivity.
B. Information security risk assessments should be performed as a result of the review of every
C. Information security risk assessments should be performed at agreed intervals and be
maintained during changes.
D. Information security risk assessments should be performed once a year.

Answer(s): C

A company decides to apply the principle of continual improvement. Which action would result
from this decision?

A. Analyze and evaluate the existing situation to identify areas for improvement
B. Analyze customer satisfaction and identify resulting actions
C. Review the Service Management System at least annual
D. Start an internal service organization evaluation

Answer(s): A

Due to excessive workload, the Desktop Support group has been unable to meet their agreed
service levels. One of the major contributing factors is the time being spent in direct
communication with users. Which Process or Function can help to alleviate some of this

A. Incident Management
B. Problem Management
C. Service Desk Service
D. Level Management

Answer(s): C

What defines Service Quality?

A. A series of activities that can be assessed in advance by a provider and customer
B. Achieving a 99.999% continuous level of availability
C. Meeting stated customer requirements and expectations
D. Providing a cost-effective service

Answer(s): C