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A. Improved information collection
B. Better public image with the community and regulators
C. More fines and suits
D. Improved information transfer

Answer(s): B, D

Environmental auditing has been developed for sound business reasons, particularly as a means:

A. To help manage resources control affirmatively over time instead of reacting to crises
B. To help manage population control affirmatively over time instead of reacting to crises
C. To help manage pollution control affirmatively over time instead of reacting to crises
D. To help manage fuel shortage control affirmatively over time instead of reacting to crises

Answer(s): C

An effective environmental auditing system will likely include all of the following general elements Except:

A. Implicit top management support for environmental auditing and commitment to follow- up on audit
B. Adequate team staffing and auditor training
C. A process that col ects, analyzes, interprets and documents information sufficient to achieve audit
D. An environmental auditing function independent of audited activities.

Answer(s): A

A CMS under the policy is defined as an "entity's documented systematic efforts, appropriate to the size
and nature of its business, to prevent, detect and correct violations" through the following CMS criteria:

A. Documentation of policies, standards, and procedures that identify how employees and agents are to
meet regulatory requirements
B. Assignment of responsibility to oversee conformance with these policies, standards, and procedures
C. Training to communicate the previous year policies
D. Employee incentives to perform in accordance with the compliance policies, standards, and

Answer(s): B, D

It is also significant that the U.S. EPA may require, as a condition for penalty mitigation, that a description
of an entity's CMS be made:

A. Publicly available
B. Privately available
C. Internationally available
D. None of these

Answer(s): A

The Audit Policy defines an environmental audit the same way as it is defined in the auditing policy: "a

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