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B. Functional structure
C. Procedural structure
D. Performance Management

Answer(s): B

and are two examples of organizations that operate in projectized structure environment.

A. Small accounting firms and construction organizations
B. Large accounting firms and assembly organizations
C. Large Procurement firms and production organizations
D. Large accounting firms and construction organizations

Answer(s): D

A project manager is assigned to a project, either full -time or part-time, depending on the size
of the project, and then must negotiate for the services of individual team members with each
appropriate functional manager in:

A. Functional Organization
B. Matrix Organization
C. Project Organization
D. Control Organization

Answer(s): B

The adaptation which responds to the needs of the organization by using a combination of
functional, matrix and projectized structures is known as:

A. Organic structure
B. Inorganic structure
C. Crude structure
D. Natural structure

Answer(s): A

A macro-level evaluation of an organization's internal and external forces is called:

A. Paradox analysis
B. Functional analysis
C. SWOT analysis
D. Expert analysis

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