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  • Exam Number: FORTIADC
  • Provider: Fortinet
  • Questions: 23
  • Updated On: 20-Feb-2021

Which of the following statements about FortiADC logs are true? (Choose two.)

A. They can be uploaded automatical y to an FTP server.
B. They can be stored in the FortiCloud.
C. Only logs whose severity level is equal to or exceeding the configured log severity level are
D. They can record events related to security features.

Answer(s): C, D

For the case of outbound link load balancing, which upstream link is elected by the proximity
route dynamic detection feature as the best one for a destination IP address?

A. The link with the lowest round-trip delay to the destination IP address
B. The link with the lowest number of sessions
C. The link with the lowest traffic utilization
D. The link with the lowest number of packets lost

Answer(s): A

What actions can FortiADC take with the GeoIP block list when receiving requests from a
blocked country's address space? (Choose two.)

A. Redirect the request
B. Deny access
C. Archive the request
D. Send a 404 Not Found message

Answer(s): A, B


Which of the following features are available in all FortiADC models? (Choose three.)

A. Intrusion protection signatures
B. SSL acceleration
C. HTTP cookie persistence
D. Source IP persistence
E. Antivirus scanning

Answer(s): B, C, D

To which of these objects can link policies apply in FortiADC? (Choose two.)

A. Link group
B. Gateway
C. Virtual tunnel

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