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Topic 1, Volume A

Which of the following does NOT assess the value a project brings to an organization?

A. Benefit cost analysis
B. Net present value
C. Value analysis
D. Needs assessment

Answer(s): C
Your management has decided that all orders will be treated as "projects" and that project
managers wil be used to update orders daily, to resolve issues, and to ensure that the customer
formally accepts the product within 30 days of completion. Revenue from the individual orders
can vary from US $100 to US $150,000. The project manager wil not be required to perform
planning or provide documentation other than daily status. How would you define this situation?

A. Because each individual order is a "temporary endeavor," each order is a project.
B. This is program management since there are multiple projects involved.
C. This is a recurring process.
D. Orders incurring revenue over $100,000 would be considered projects and would involve
project management.

Answer(s): C
A project manager in a predominantly hierarchical organization has been assigned a major
project with aggressive timelines. The BEST approach for developing an initial project charter in
this environment is to:

A. Create a project charter using brainstorming sessions with potential team members and
B. Create and present a draft project charter to potential team members and stakeholders to
solicit their input.
C. Create a project charter jointly with management for distribution to potential team members
and stakeholders.
D. Create a project charter with the functional managers and present it to the sponsor for

Answer(s): C
Al of the following are correct statements about a project manager EXCEPT:

A. He or she is assigned after the project charter is created.