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  • Exam Code: Professional Cloud Architect
    Exam Title: Professional Cloud Architect on Google Cloud Platform
  • Provider: Google
  • Exam Questions: 270
  • Updated On: 21-Sep-2023



Professional Cloud Architect

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect (GCP) Exam

Exam Parts/Sections: 12

Total Questions: 259

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Contains the Following Exam Topics:
Exam Topic: JencoMart
Exam Topic: Mountkirk Games, A
Exam Topic: Mountkirk Games, B
Exam Topic: Mountkirk Games, C
Exam Topic: TerramEarth, A
Exam Topic: TerramEarth, B
Exam Topic: TerramEarth, C
Exam Topic: Dress4Win, A
Exam Topic: Dress4Win, B
Exam Topic: Helicopter Racing League
Exam Topic: EHR Healthcare
Exam Topic: Mix Questions
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