Free HP0-M48 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: HP0-M48
  • Provider: HP
  • Questions: 67
  • Updated On: 23-Jun-2022

Which statement is true about the availability of VuGen?

A. VuGen is only included when performing a full installation.
B. An extra license is required to obtain VuGen.
C. VuGen is available in a full installation, but is only activated if QuickTest Professional is also
D. VuGen is available in a full installation and as a standalone installation.

Answer(s): D
Which features are provided by WAN Emulation? (Select two.)

A. simulate network latency between Load Generators and tested machines
B. measure network bandwidth utilization of HP LoadRunner hosts during tests
C. measure response time of a transaction during performance tests
D. define maximum bandwidth of a Load Generator
E. monitor uptime of a Load Generator

Answer(s): A, D
During a test run, why is it important to insert Run-time Monitors on Control er and Load
Generator machines?

A. to verify that Vuser ramp and Load Generator CPU usage are approximately the same
B. to verify that your test architecture is properly isolated from external disturbance
C. to ensure that test architecture performance is not lower than that of the architecture under
D. to ensure that your test architecture can generate the desired load without itself becoming a

Answer(s): D
Which goal is an example of a measurable goal?

A. the number of iterations defined in the Run-time Settings (RTS)
B. the identification of the name of the application server
C. the expected transaction response time
D. the number of Load Generators to be used

Answer(s): C
Which goal is an example of a high level goal?