Free HP0-P24 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: HP0-P24
  • Provider: HP
  • Questions: 60
  • Updated On: 2-Dec-2022

A system administrator needs to set up a new I IP UX server by using ignite-UX in a different
subnet. What should the system administrator do to accomplish this goal? (Select two)

A. Set up an RARP agent
B. Use a DHCP server only on the ignite-UX subnet
C. Place one DHCP server on each subnet
D. Set up bootp relay agents
E. Use a DHCP server only on the HP-UX server subnet

Answer(s): B, E
What are ways to determine a host's node name from the command line? (Select two)

A. Hostname
B. Uname
C. Grep ^HOSTNAME /etc/rc.config.d/netconf
D. Host
E. Xhost

Answer(s): A, B
In preparation for a maintenance window, a system administrator wants to download and test
the latest ONCplus Release. What is the correct way to accomplish this task?

A. Obtain independent software units from the HP Software Depot
B. Download it from the HP Support Center in the patch management section
C. Call the local Support Center to get the depot provided by a personal ftp
D. Use Software Assistant (SWA) to obtain a customized depot for the test system

Answer(s): B
Which file contains volume group information for LVM v2?

A. /etc/tvmtab_y2
B. /etc/lvmtab_p
C. /etc/Wmtab_2
D. /etc/lvmtab

Answer(s): B
Reference: (See the
lvmtab, lvmtab_p 2nd Point).