Free HP0-P25 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: HP0-P25
  • Provider: HP
  • Questions: 66
  • Updated On: 23-Jun-2022

A company is migrating three applications currently running on three separate HP-UX Integrity
servers. The plan is to migrate them into a Superdome 2 Serv. three applications are business
critical, and the main focus is the uptime, as any interruptions cause financial losses.

Which HP-UX virtualization technology provides the best solution?

A. Create a single nPar.
B. Create three nPars.
C. Create three vPars
D. Create three Integrity Virtual Machines

Answer(s): C
Which functionalities does AutoFS provide? (Select three.)

A. may be configured to modify NFS filesystem permissions when needed
B. may be configured to provide load balancing across multiple NFS servers
C. automatically exports filesystems on the NFS server when needed
D. automatically unmounts NFS filesystems that are no longer being accessed
E. automatically updates /etc/fstab on NFS clients when needed
F. automatically mounts NFS filesystems when needed

Answer(s): A, C, E
Which methods allow you to install an Integrity server using an Ignite-UX server on a different
subnet? (Select two)

A. Use the dbprofileEFI command
B. Use the ifconfigEFI command.
C. Use the loadfile command
D. Use a boot helper system
E. Use the lanboot command

Answer(s): B, E
A customer has a version 6 2 Integrity VM, and they convert this guest to a vPar using the
following command:
hpvmmodify -P <guest name> -x vm_type=vpar
The hpvmmodify command completes successfully. When they attempt to boot the guest in
vPar mode, they get the following output