Free HP0-P25 Braindumps

A. The Answer is Exhibit B.

Answer(s): A
File editing ed, ex, vi
Source code management sccs , rcs
Process and user accounting sort, grep, wc, awk, sed
Program development ps, du, acctcom
Text processing cc, make , lint, lex
What are the customer benefits of the HP-UX Operating Environments (e.g. VSE-OE, HA-OE.
DC- OE), as compared lo ordering the same software separately? (Select three)

A. Reduced purchasing cost for customer
B. Reduced amount of codewords required to manage software
C. Performance of HP applications tuned with the HP-UX OS
D. Reduced amount of disk space used for OS and HP applications
E. Reduced new-system sales quote and configuration complexity
F. reduced number of service contracts

Answer(s): A, C, F
Which HP-UX tool can be used to get detailed low level metrics of code running on Itanium

A. prospect
B. caliper
C. sar
D. Isof

Answer(s): A
A customer is moving to an Integrity platform but has legacy PA-RISC applications that cannot
be recompiled on Integrity. Which type of container can provide binary emulation environment
for the customer's applications?

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