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  • Exam Number: HPE6-A47
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  • Questions: 68
  • Updated On: 19-Mar-2023

An architect plans to deploy a Mobility Controller (MC) at one building in subnet
and another MC in another building in subnet The MCs need to provide
redundancy for each other. What must the architect take into account in the redundancy plan?

A. The MCs cannot provide any level of redundancy for each other unless one is moved into the
other's subnet.
B. The MCs cannot be in a cluster, and they must use Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
(VRRP) to provide redundancy for each other.
C. The MCs can be in a cluster, but the cluster wil not support features such as stateful failover.
D. Each MC can be the backup LMS for the other MCs' APs, but it cannot be in a cluster with
the other MC.

Answer(s): B
What is one reason to recommend dedicated Air Monitors (AMs) for a customer, as opposed to
APs that are doing WIPS in AP mode (hybrid)?

A. AMs can operate in a hybrid operation mode in which they can support clients, scan for
threats, and contain detected threats.
B. AMs can implement wireless containment on any channel on which they detect a threat
without negative impact on clients.
C. AMs can detect both 802.11 and non-802.11 sources of interference to the wireless network,
while Aps cannot.
D. AMs can maintain client and AP blacklists on their own without the need to communicate with
a Mobility Controller (MC).

Answer(s): B
An architect plans where to deploy new Aruba 320 Series APs at a customer site. The architect
plans for the APs to be installed on the ceiling where power is inaccessible. The Ethernet cable
run to these locations is CAT6, and the customer wants to support at least 1 GbE connectivity.
The architect plans to connect each AP with one Ethernet port to a switch in a nearby wiring
Which feature does the switch need to support for this deployment?

A. PoE+
C. Port channel
D. Smart Rate

Answer(s): A
An architect needs to plan 802.11ac wireless deployment for an office environment with a mix of
closed offices and cubicles. The coverage area is approximately 4,645 square meters

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