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Which ArubaOS CLI command can an administrator execute to determine if AP load balancing is enabled in a cluster?

  1. show switches
  2. show ap active
  3. show lc-cluster group-membership
  4. show aaa cluster essid

Answer(s): C

An administrator needs to apply a patch to an Aruba environment to implement improvements for AirMatch. What is the Aruba recommended approach for this process without a reboot?

  1. Upgrade the AirMatch Loadable Service Module (LSM) on the Mobility Master.
  2. Upgrade the ArubaOS by the use of Live Upgrades (in-service upgrades).
  3. Upgrade the AirMatch Loadable Service Module (LSM) on each Mobility Controller.
  4. Create controller partitions to minimize downtime.

Answer(s): A

Which two protocols does AirWave use to monitor Aruba Mobility Controllers (ÐС)?

  1. PAPI and AMON
  2. SNMP and AMON
  3. PAPI and GRE
  4. SNMP and SSH

Answer(s): B

An administrator sets up a cluster of Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs). What can the administrator determine about the cluster from the command output shown below?

  1. This is an L3-connected cluster.
  2. AP load balancing is enabled.
  3. This is an L2-connected cluster.
  4. User load balancing is enabled.

Answer(s): B

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