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Topic 1, Volume A

Which of the following functional areas covers activities related to planning for and managing
entry into and exit from the organization to meet changing business needs?

A. Workforce Planning and Employment
B. Business Management and Strategy
C. Human Resource Development
D. Employee and Labor Relations

Answer(s): A
Answer option A is correct. Workforce Planning and Employment covers activities related to
planning for and managing entry into and exit from the organization to meet changing business
needs. This includes practices for evaluating workforce requirements, recruitment and selection,
developing an employer brand, managing records, establishing a succession plan, and exiting
employees from the organization. Answer option B is incorrect. Business Management and
Strategy looks at the "big picture" of the organization and requires an understanding of overall
business operations, basic knowledge of other functional areas in the organization, and the
ability to interact and work effectively with those functions. Answer option C is incorrect. Human
Resource Development utilizes training, development, change, and performance management
programs to ensure that individuals with the required knowledge, skil s, and abilities are
available when needed to accomplish organization goals. Answer option D is incorrect.
Employee and Labor Relations address the practices for building positive employment
relationships in both union and nonunion environments. This includes employee relations
programs, workplace policies and procedures, dispute resolution programs, and collective
bargaining activities.
Chapter: Certifying Human Resource Professionals
Objective: Development of the Human Resource Body of Knowledge
According to Knowles, there are five key assumptions about how adults learn. One of the
assumptions is the learner's need to know. Which of the following statements is best associated
with the assumption of the learner's need to know?

A. I'm ready to learn this because what I learn will help me function better in some way.
B. I understand why I need to learn this.
C. What I learn today wil help me solve problems at my workplace tomorrow.
D. I've got lots of valuable experience that I want to draw upon to help me as I learn.

Answer(s): B
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5. Chapter 5: Human Resource Development. Official PHR and SPHR Certification Guide, HR
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Chapter: Core Knowledge Requirements for HR Professionals
Objective: Adult Learning Processes and Learning Styles

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