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  • Updated On: 11-May-2021

Which of the following can be supported by Policy Center access control? (Choose three.)

A. Hardware SACG (hardware security access control gateway)
B. 802.1X
C. ARP control
D. Software SACG (host firewall)

Answer(s): A, B, D
SSL VPN supported file sharing types can be divided into two kinds of SMB and NFS, SMB
correspond Windows hosts, NFS correspond Linux host

A. True
B. False

Answer(s): A
Which user authentication methods can be supported by Policy Center system? (Choose three.)

A. IP address authentication
B. MAC address authentication
C. Ordinary ID/password authentication
D. LDAP authentication

Answer(s): B, C, D
Network administrators
set up networking as follows:

LAN_A --------- (G0/0) USG_A (G0/1) --------- (G0/0) USG_B (G0/1) -------------- LAN_B

USG_A divides firewall security zones, connects LAN_A areas Trust, connects USG_B area's
Untrust, according to the above description, which of the following statement is correct?

A. USG_B G0/0 must join Untrust zone
B. USG_B G0/0 must join the Trust zone
C. USG_B G0/1 must join the Trust zone
D. USG_B G0/0 can join any regional

Answer(s): D
In the first stage of IKE negotiation, which of the following IKE exchange mode does not provide
identity protection features?