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Which of the following communication types are defined based on information interaction
between the transmitter and the receiver? (Select multiple)

A. Simplex
B. Half-duplex
C. Duplex
D. Auto-negotiation

Answer(s): C, D

The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) network is created by United
States Department of Defense and is the predecessor of the contemporary global.
Which of the following is the basis of an ARPANET network?

A. MPLS forwarding
B. Packet switching
C. Circuit switching
D. Low-speed serial connection

Answer(s): B

In a TCP/IP protocol stack, the headers of packets at each layer are removed in the
decapsulation process in a specified manner. Which of the following is the right manner?

A. From lower to upper
B. From Transport Layer to the lower layers
C. From upper to lower
D. From Network Layer to the upper layers

Answer(s): D

What is the PDU (Protocol Data Unit) that resides at physical layer called?

A. Packet
B. Frame
C. Segment
D. Binary bit flow

Answer(s): C

Which network component is used to carry a hardware address, for example, MAC address
used for communication between devices on the same link?