Free C2070-585 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: C2070-585
  • Provider: IBM
  • Questions: 126
  • Updated On: 2-Dec-2022

Topic 1, Volume A

What tool would a Deployment Professional use to configure Rulerunner Enterprise (aka
Quattro) background tasks?

A. Datacap Studio
B. Rulerunner Manager
C. Taskmaster Server Manager
D. Taskmaster Application Manager

Answer(s): B
What is the Taskmaster Server?

A. a Server that client applications use to create tasks.
B. one of many Datacap applications that access the admin and engine databases.
C. a Windows service which controls authentication, database access, and batch processing.
D. a Windows service which controls authentication, database access, and the creation of tasks.

Answer(s): C

Which operating system does Datacap support?

B. iOS
C. Linux
D. Microsoft Windows

Answer(s): D
Which steps are needed to configure a Datacap application to use Oracle or MSSQL?

A. During installation, populate DB server name and account information, test sample
B. Run DB definition scripts, populate the databases, configure an application to use the
database, verify DB connection
C. Install using default settings. Once installed, use Taskmaster Server Manager to point
Datacap to DB server. Use Application Wizard to copy applications to DB server
D. Ensure the database server is installed. Enter the database server name and credentials
when prompted by the installation wizard. Test sample application when install completes.

Answer(s): B