Free C2090-310 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: C2090-310
  • Provider: IBM
  • Questions: 56
  • Updated On: 23-Jun-2022

If there is a system problem to diagnose, where do you find system logs to download?

A. In the Events option of the System Console.
B. In the Problems option of the System Console.
C. In the Troubleshooting option of the System Console.
D. In the Infrastructure Map option of the System Console.

Answer(s): D
Reference: %20PureData-
TechDeepDive.pdf (page 27)
PureData System for Transactions top of rack switch supports different connection speeds for
integration into the customer network. What are the different connection speeds supported?

A. 1 Gb SFP Fiber, 1 Gb SFP Copper
B. 10 Gb SFP+ Fiber, 10Gb SFP+DAC
C. 1 Gb SFP Fiber, 10 Gb SFP+ Fiber. 10 Gb SFP+DAC
D. 1 Gb SFP Fiber. 1 Gb SFP Copper. 10 Gb SFP+ Fiber, 10 Gb SFP+DAC

Answer(s): C
Which two items regarding PureData database-level backups are true?

A. Database backups cannot be performed manually.
B. Managed either manually or automatically through the System Console.
C. Managed either manually or automatically through the Workload Console.
D. You must configure Tivoli Storage Manager to enable database backups.
E. The backup image includes DB2 Registry values, customized OS users and groups.

Answer(s): D, E
Which command can be used by a database administrator to display the status of a pureScale

A. db2instance-list
B. db2cluster-cfs-list
C. db2 list node directory
D. db2cluster -cm -list -alert

Answer(s): A