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Topic 1, Volume A
What is the term used to describe the cost of the solution after the solution has been
implemented in production by a vendor?

A. Total ownership costing
B. Lifecycle maintenance fees
C. Sustainability fees
D. Total cost of ownership

Answer(s): D
Enterprise analysis creates just five outputs. Which one of the following is an output of the
enterprise analysis tasks?

A. Assumptions and constraints
B. Stakeholder concerns
C. Solution performance assessment
D. Solution approach

Answer(s): D
Al of the following stakeholders participate in the prioritization of requirements except for which

A. Implementation subject matter expert
B. Project team
C. Domain subject matter expert
D. Project manager

Answer(s): B

You are the business analyst for your organization. Management has asked that you create a
model of the requirements so the stakeholders can better understand the requirements and the
project as a whole. Which of the following statements best describes a model?

A. Models are slices of the project solution.
B. Models simplify the requirements for common stakeholders.
C. Models are statistics for the return on investment, time saved, and other mathematics.
D. Models abstract and simplify reality.

Answer(s): D
What plan will describe the stakeholder groups, communication needs, and the level of formality


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