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Which one of the following statements is most true about changing requirements in a change-
driven approach to business analysis and requirements management?

A. Change-driven approaches must use a change control system with a change control board.
B. Change-driven approaches only use a change control system for approved changes.
C. Change-driven approaches don't use a formal change control process.
D. Change-driven approaches are driven by change control processes.

Answer(s): C
You are the business analyst for your organization. You are currently working with Susan on
creating a model as part of the specify and model requirements process. Susan doesn't
understand why you need a model. You explain to Susan that a model is just a simplified
representation of a complex reality that is useful for understanding that reality and making
decisions regarding it. In fact, you tell Susan, model can do all of the following except one
option. Choose the option that model cannot do?

A. Define the resources that wil be needed on the project team
B. Define boundaries for the business domain
C. Describe a situation or problem
D. Describe thought processes and action flows

Answer(s): A
You are the business analyst for a large project that wil create new software for the entire
organization. This new software wil affect all of the administrative assistants in the organization
schedule meetings, reserve facilities, and share calendars. There are approximately 2, 400
administrative assistants in your organization and not all of these people can attend
requirements gathering workshops. What approach canyou use to manage and gather
requirements from these 2, 400 administrative assistants?

A. You can meet with a small group of administrative assistants that wil serve as
representatives for the remaining administrative assistants.
B. You wil need to meet with all of the administrative assistants as part requirements elicitation.
C. You can meet with a small group of administrative assistants and assume their requirements
are reflective of the remaining group of administrative assistants.
D. You can meet with the administrative assistants' managers.

Answer(s): A
Enterprise analysis provides many things for an organization. Al of the following are tasks
included in enterprise analysis except for which one?

A. Assess capability gaps