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You are currently working on creating the activity list for an initiative in your organization.
What characteristic must be assigned to each task in your task list?

  1. Procurement needs
  2. Risk level
  3. Unique number
  4. Roles and responsibilities

Answer(s): C


Each task in the task list should have a unique number to identify the specific task and it should have a description of what the task is.
Answer B is incorrect. The risk level is not associated with the task list.

Answer D is incorrect. Roles and responsibilities are not included directly in the task list.

Answer A is incorrect. Procurement needs are not included in the task list.

Shelly is the business analyst for her organization and she's working with Thomas to review the business requirements. They are discussing the identified requirements, how the requirements will transition to the operations, and the longevity of the solution. Thomas is concerned that the identified requirements may not map to the desired future state of the organization.
What business analysis task is Shelly facilitating in this scenario?

  1. Acceptance evaluation criteria definition
  2. Requirements quality assurance
  3. Validate requirements
  4. Stakeholder management

Answer(s): C


Shelly and Thomas are performing the validate requirements task. This task helps to ensure that the requirements map to the business goals and objectives, resolve the issue, and predict the longevity of the requirements to satisfy business needs.
Answer B is incorrect. There is not a business analysis task called requirements quality assurance. Answer A is incorrect. Acceptance evaluation criteria definition is a task to ensure that the requirements are clear and precise enough to create tests and inspect to know that the work has been completed.
Answer D is incorrect. Stakeholder management is the management of stakeholders' issues, conflicts, queries, concerns, threats, and perceived threats about the requirements.

Which of the following are documented approaches to the business analysis work? Each correct answer represents a complete solution.

  1. Deming's Quality Circle
  2. Lean
  3. Six Sigma
  4. Waterfall approach

Answer(s): B,C,D


The waterfall approach, lean, and Six Sigma are the valid answer for business analysis approaches. Answer A is incorrect. Deming's Quality Circle describes the quality management approach of plan, do, check, and act. This isn't a business analysis approach.

You are the business analyst for your organization and working with the stakeholders to prioritize the requirements. The stakeholders are concerned about the financial impact of the requirements should some of them fail during the implementation. You would like to rank the risk tolerance of the stakeholders based on their comments about the solution and the requirements. The following are the three categories of risk tolerance associated with the stakeholders except for which one?

  1. Neutrality
  2. Mitigation
  3. Risk-seeking
  4. Risk-aversion

Answer(s): B


Mitigation is a risk response that seeks to lower the risk's probability and/or impact. It is not one of the three categories of risk tolerance.

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