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With regard to a Basic Import which of the following is FALSE?

A. Once added, the target wil display resolution for each folder imported.
B. A conflict resolution can be selected to apply to all imported objects.
C. Default is replace, options include rename or reuse.
D. The import can consist of an XML file and a Zip file containing the reference tables

Answer(s): C
What Address Validator output field should you use to determine the quality of

A. Locality / City
B. ElementlnputStatus
C. Match Code

Answer(s): A
When changes are made to a mapplet in IDQ 9.1 that has been integrated into PowerCenter,
howare those changes propagated to the integrated mapplet?

A. Those changes are automatically propagated and managed through domain settings.
B. The user must manual y re-export the IDQ mapplet to PowerCenter.
C. The IDQ versioning system automatically synchs with PowerCenter and updates themapplet
to the most current version.
D. None of the above.

Answer(s): B
When using field matching which is the best approach if using First Name as a match field?

A. Never use First Name as it is not necessary
B. No standardization of First Name field is necessary
C. Use the Edit Distance strategy
D. Create Soundex or NYSIIS value for the First Name and use it in match

Answer(s): D
With respect to field matching in IDQ, which best describes the approach to address matching?

A. No standardization is necessary, map input fields to the match transformation

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