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# # Topic: Information Security Governance

Which of the following should be the FIRST step in developing an information security plan?

A. Perform a technical vulnerabilities assessment
B. Analyze the current business strategy
C. Perform a business impact analysis
D. Assess the current levels of security awareness

Answer(s): B
Prior to assessing technical vulnerabilities or levels of security awareness, an information
security manager needs to gain an understanding of the current business strategy and direction.
A business impact analysis should be performed prior to developing a business continuity plan,
but this would not be an appropriate first step in developing an information security strategy
because it focuses on availability.

Senior management commitment and support for information security can BEST be obtained
through presentations that:

A. use il ustrative examples of successful attacks.
B. explain the technical risks to the organization.
C. evaluate the organization against best security practices.
D. tie security risks to key business objectives.

Answer(s): D
Senior management seeks to understand the business justification for investing in security. This
can best be accomplished by tying security to key business objectives. Senior management wil
not be as interested in technical risks or examples of successful attacks if they are not tied to
the impact on business environment and objectives. Industry best practices are important to
senior management but, again, senior management wil give them the right level of importance
when they are presented in terms of key business objectives.

The MOST appropriate role for senior management in supporting information security is the:

A. evaluation of vendors offering security products
B. assessment of risks to the organization
C. approval of policy statements and funding
D. monitoring adherence to regulatory requirements

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