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  • Updated On: 18-Jan-2021

Which principle is key for the governance and management of enterprise IT?

A. ManagingIT Operations
B. InsureResourceOptimization
C. Enabling a Holistic Approach
D. ManagingInformation

Answer(s): C
What percentage represents F - full achievement of an attribute in an assessed process, as
defined by the COBIT 5 assessment approach?

A. 100%
B. 85% to 100%
C. 75% to 100%
D. On average 85 %

Answer(s): B
Identify the missing word in the following sentence.
The definition of (?) is a collection of practices influenced by the enterprise's policies and
procedures that takes input from a number of sources, manipulates the inputs and produces

A. Principles
B. Intrinsicgoals
C. Enterprisegoals
D. Processes

Answer(s): D
Which factor may indicate a need for the improved governance of enterprise IT?

A. Tailoring COBIT and other supporting good practices and standards to Tit the unique context
of the enterprise is required
B. Significant incidents related to IT risk, such as data loss or project failure, have been
C. A focus on quick wins and prioritizing the most beneficial improvements that are #a??e*l lo
implement is needed
D. Key program roles and responsibilities should be defined and assigned

Answer(s): B

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