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Topic 1, Testing Process

Which of the following statements describing the consequences of specifying test conditions at
a detailed level is NOT true?

A. In an environment where the test basis is continuously changing, it is recommended to
specify test conditions at a detailed level in order to achieve a better maintainability
B. The specification of test conditions at a detailed level can be effective when no formal
requirements or other development work products are available
C. The specification of test conditions at a detailed level can require the implementation of an
adequate level of formality across the team
D. For system testing, the specification of test conditions at a detailed level, carried out early in
the project as soon as the test basis is established, can contribute to defect prevention

Answer(s): A
Assume you are the Test Manager for a new software release of an e-commerce application.
The server farm consists of six servers providing different capabilities. Each capability is
provided through a set of web services.
The requirements specification document contains several SLAs
(Service Level Agreements) like the fol owing:
SLA-001: 99.5 percent of all transactions shal have a response time less than five seconds
under a load of up-to 5000 concurrent users
The main objective is to assure that all the SLAs specified in the requirements specification
document wil be met before system release. You decide to apply a risk-based testing strategy
and an early risk analysis confirms that performance is high risk. You can count on a well-
written requirements specification and on a model of the system behavior under various load
levels produced by the system architect.
Which of the following test activities would you expect to be the less important ones to achieve
the test objectives in this scenario?

A. Perform unit performance testing for each single web service
B. Monitor the SLAs after the system has been released into the production environment
C. Perform system performance testing, consisting of several performance testing sessions, to
verify if all the SLAs have been met
D. Perform static performance testing by reviewing the architectural model of the system under
various load levels

Answer(s): B
Consider an information system of a Pay-Tv company based on a SOA architecture.
The integrated system currently consists of three core systems:
- a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
- a BRM (Bil ing and Revenue Management) system
- a CAS (Conditional Access System) system all of them communicating with SOA Middleware.

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