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  • Updated On: 23-Jun-2022

A Green IT policy should be aligned to which other organizational policy?

a). Performance Management Policy.
b). Sustainability Policy.
c). Equal Opportunities Policy.
d). Environmental Policy.

A. b and d only.
B. a, b and d only.
C. b and c only.
D. b, c and d only.

Answer(s): A
What should be achieved when setting the scope of an organisation's Green IT Policy?

A. A definition of what goals are required for the project.
B. A definition of what resources are required for the project.
C. A definition of what people are required for the project.
D. A definition of what activities are required for the project.

Answer(s): A
What is the first step that an organisation should take to improve its Green IT credentials?

A. Rationalise its Data Centre.
B. Review competitors' green policies.
C. Establish its Green IT policy.
D. Replace its old PCs.

Answer(s): C
Which document should be created to ensure the implementation of your Green IT policy?

A. The green development plan.
B. The green procurement policy.
C. The green IT action plan.
D. The green building plan.

Answer(s): C