Free JN0-120 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: JN0-120
  • Provider: Juniper
  • Questions: 120
  • Updated On: 17-May-2022

By default, how does the router handle changes to its operational configuration?

A. Changes are not implemented, but are saved automatically.
B. Changes are not implemented and must be written into memory.
C. Changes are implemented immediately and saved automatical y.
D. Changes are implemented immediately, but must be written into memory.

Answer(s): C
You would like to configure your PC's IP address of as an FTP host with a
username of user and a password of mypass. Which configuration command accomplishes this

A. host userpc ftp user mypass
B. host userpc tftp user mypass
C. hostname userpc ftp user mypass
D. hostname userpc tftp user mypass

Answer(s): A
Where should you install the spare line module in a redundancy group?

A. last slot in the chassis
B. first slot in the chassis
C. lowest numbered slot in the group
D. highest numbered slot in the group

Answer(s): C
Given the following router output, which configuration file wil the router use at its next reload?