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Which of the following commands sorts the output of the command export-logs?

  1. export-logs < sort
  2. export-logs > sort
  3. export-logs & sort
  4. export-logs | sort
  5. export-logs <> sort

Answer(s): D

A directory contains the following files:

What would be the output of the following shell script? for file in *.txt

  1. *.txt
  2. a b
  3. c.cav
  4. a.txt
  5. a.txt

Answer(s): E

Which of the following commands will search for the file foo.txt under the directory /home?

  1. search /home –file foo.txt
  2. search /home foo. txt
  3. find /home – file foo.txt
  4. find /home –name foo.txt
  5. find /home foo.txt

Answer(s): D

The current directory contains the following file:

-rw-r—r— 1 root exec 24551 Apr 2 12:36
The file contains a valid shell script, but executing this file using ./ leads to this error:
bash: ./ Permission denied
What should be done in order to successfully execute the script?

  1. The file’s extension should be changed from .sh to .bin.
  2. The execute bit should be set in the file’s permissions.
  3. The user executing the script should be added to the exec group.
  4. The SetUID bit should be set in the file’s permissions
  5. The script should be run using #!./test. sh instead of ./

Answer(s): B

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