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  • Exam Number: 1Z0-035
  • Provider: Oracle
  • Questions: 168
  • Updated On: 19-Mar-2023

Which three features are provided by Recovery Manager and NOT provided by user-managed
backup and recovery? (Choose three.)

A. skipping unused blocks
B. online backups
C. partial database backups
D. incremental block-level backup
E. detection of corrupted blocks during backup
Answer(s): A, D, E

A switchover to a standby database differs from a failover to the standby in a number of ways.
What are two of the key differences that characterize a switchover? (Choose two.)

A. The primary and standby database must be using exactly the same release and patch level
of Oracle9i.
B. The operation is planned and causes no data loss.
C. The old primary database can take on the standby role and be available for a future
D. The standby database must be running in a no data divergence mode.
E. Either the primary databases online or archived log files, but not necessarily both, must be
Answer(s): B, C

What does using the package DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER enable you to do?

A. dynamically change profiles assigned to sets of users
B. guarantee a minimum degree of parallelism to a set of users
C. guarantee certain sets of users a minimum amount of disk space
D. distribute available processing resources among sets of users
E. limit the degree of parallelism on a given set of tables
Answer(s): D

Which four are true regarding the Workspace Manager in Oracle9i? (Choose four.)

A. automatically versions all tables
B. merges changes with parent rows or discards changes
C. allows for version enabling tables by use of a packaged procedure
D. provides mechanism to identify and resolve conflicts
E. automatically installed with Oracle9i
Answer(s): B, C, D, E

Free 1Z0-035 Exam Questions & Answers


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