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  • Exam Number: 1Z0-046
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  • Updated On: 19-Mar-2023

QUESTION: 1 is an executable shel script. You executed the following command that leads to an error:

$ strace -o /tmp/ho.out ./
strace: exec: Permission denied

What could you do to execute the command successfully in the next attempt?

A. Provide the shel reference with the command.
B. Remove the shel reference present inside the shel script.
C. Execute the command as the root operating system user.
D. The extension for the output file should be changed to .log.

Answer(s): A


You executed the following command on a Linux machine:

$ cat /proc/slabinfo | grep kio
kioctx 270 270 128 9 9 1 : 252 126
kiocb 66080 66080 96 1652 1652 1 : 252 126
kiobuf 236 236 64 4 4 1 : 252 126

Which statement describes the purpose of executing the command?

A. To check the virtual memory usage in the Linux system
B. To compare the I/O statistics of different channels in the system
C. To check whether the asynchronous I/O is working in the Linux system
D. To check whether multiple data bus adapters are being used in the Linux system
E. To check whether the shared memory file system is being used in the Linux system

Answer(s): C


Which statement correctly describes the swap cache in the Linux memory model?

A. It is an area in the swap file that maintains the number of page ins and page outs for every
B. It contains the page entry table to record the addresses of in-memory pages that are not
swapped out at all.
C. It is an area in the RAM that is used to record the number of swap in and swap out operation
for every page.
D. It is an area in the RAM that tracks the pages that are swapped out and have not been
modified since they were swapped out.

Answer(s): D


Free 1Z0-046 Exam Questions & Answers


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