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  • Exam Number: 1Z0-058
  • Provider: Oracle
  • Questions: 139
  • Updated On: 19-Mar-2023

Which three actions would be helpful in determining the cause of a node reboot?

A. determining the time of the node reboot by using the update command and subtracting the up
time from the current system time
B. looking for messages such as "Oracle CSSD failure. Rebooting for cluster integrity" in
C. using the crsctl command to view tracing information
D. inspecting the ocssd log for "Begin Dump" or "End Dump" messages
E. inspecting the database alert log for reboot messages

Answer(s): A, E, B

After Oracle Grid Infrastructure has been installed, you should take a few moments to verify the
installation. Which two actions would be useful in verifying the installation?

A. Run the crsctl status resource ?t command to confirm that all necessary cluster resources
are online.
B. Use the operating system utilities to verify that your SCAN addresses are being properly
C. Start Oracle Enterprise Manager and check all monitored targets.
D. Run the cluvfy comp nodecon ?n all ?verbose command to verify the entire Grid
Infrastructure installation.

Answer(s): A, D
Which two network addresses are required to be static, non-dhcp addresses when using the
Grid Naming?

A. GNS VIP Address
B. SCAN VIP Address
C. Node VIP Address
D. Node Public Address
E. Node Private Address

Answer(s): A, D
You are in the planning stages for upgrading your Oracle RAC database from Oracle Database
10g Release 2 to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 to run under the Oracle Grid Infrastructure.
You decide to use an administrator-managed configuration because the cluster is fairly small.
Which statement is correct about this configuration?

A. A parent pool of the GENERIC server pool wil be used.
B. You must define a new server pool called MANUAL.

Free 1Z0-058 Exam Questions & Answers


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