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  • Updated On: 20-May-2020

Your customer does not want to manage work zone assignments for each individual technician
resource because all technicians can work in the same areas without bias or preference.

Which two options fulfil that customer requirement?

A. Assign all work zones at the parent level in the Resource Tree.
B. Create a single work zone with no work zone keys and assign it to all resources
C. Deselect "work zone support" in Business Rules to disable routing consideration of zones
D. Deselect "work zone support" in the routing plan configuration screen for all routing plans.
E. Create a single work zone group, with all zones included in the group, and assign it to the
highest level in the resource tree.

Answer(s): A, E

When receiving the Resource Tree, Which icon represents a "normal" load of activities for a
field resource?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
E. Option E

Answer(s): D

What happens when you enable the assignment parameter "Limit work by points"?

A. If resources have shifts assigned to them with point values, routing wil not assign activities
whose cumulative point total exceeds the shift point value.
B. Routing wil use each activity's unique point value to prioritize assignment of higher point
activities over lower point activities.

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