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Which statement is true about absence patterns?

A. You can modify the content of an absence pattern using the task "Manage Absence
B. Absence patterns help to visualize the trend or pattern of absence entries for a worker.
C. Absence patterns control the fields that appear in the Manage Absence Types setup page.
D. "Sickness" is one of the available absence patterns.

Answer(s): C
update17d/fauam/absencetypes- reasons-and-categories.html#FAUAM1075875
Which three are true statements about Absence and Payroll integration?

A. The Absence Element Template creates all of the attributes required to process absences
through payroll.
B. The options available for configuration vary depending on the legislation chosen when
creating absence plans.
C. The setup required in payroll may vary depending on payroll localization.
D. The options available for configuration are the same for all the legislations when creating
absence plans.

Answer(s): A, B, C
A worker is scheduled to work from Monday to Friday. As an HR administrator, you receive a
call from the worker on Friday evening 16-Jun-2017, that they are on vacation from 17-Jun-2017
(Saturday) and wil be back at work on 26-Jun-2017 (Monday). The absence type for vacation
has no duration formula or plans attached and the duration is measured in Days. There is a
calendar exception on 23- Jun-2017 (Friday).
What should be the start date, end date, and the duration of this absence record if the
"Schedule nonworking days" is set to "Not enabled"?

A. Start Date: 19-Jun-2017End Date: 22-Jun-2017Duration: 4
B. Start Date: 17-Jun-2017End Date: 25-Jun-2017Duration: 8
C. Start Date: 19-Jun-2017End Date: 25-Jun-2017Duration: 4
D. Start Date: 17-Jun-2017End Date: 26-Jun-2017Duration: 10
E. Start Date: 19-Jun-2017End Date: 26-Jun-2017Duration: 5
F. Start Date: 17-Jun-2017End Date: 25-Jun-2017Duration: 9

Answer(s): E
A customer requires that their employees enter their vacation/holiday with some period