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  • Exam Number: 1z0-1014
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  • Updated On: 19-Mar-2023

Which statement is correct with regards to leads and opportunities?

A. Once a lead is converted to an opportunity, you can manual y add multiple opportunities to it.
B. Lead to opportunity is a one-to-one relation, hence you cannot have one lead assigned to
multiple opportunities.
C. You can have multiple leads associated with a single opportunity but not a single lead
associated with multiple opportunities.
D. Once a lead is converted to an opportunity, you cannot associate another opportunity with it.

Answer(s): A
Which three options are mandatory procedures to consider in migration planning? (Choose

A. Lock all the configuration data in the test environment.
B. Review all the customizations and configuration performed in the test environment.
C. Define which data should be migrated from the test environment.
D. Check if there are no configuration records at all in the production environment.
E. Verify if both environments are in the same release and patch bundle.

Answer(s): B, C, E
Identify two criteria that must be met for salespeople to submit their forecasts. (Choose two.)

A. forecast past forecast due date
B. territory freeze date past forecast due date
C. forecast before forecast due date
D. forecast before territory freeze date
E. forecast past territory freeze date

Answer(s): A, B
Your customer has thousands of products and would like to migrate from his legacy system to
Oracle Sales Cloud. Which statement is true regarding Importing Product Groups?

A. The import procedures are covered in the topic, Importing Product Groups.
B. You'l create only the root group in the UI and import the rest.
C. You'l create all of the subgroups (under the root group) manual y in the UI.
D. You can directly import an entire product group along with a root group.

Answer(s): B

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