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  • Updated On: 24-Mar-2023

Which two statements are true about java EE shared libraries?

A. A shared library cannot be deployed to a cluster.
B. An application that is targeted to server1 can use a shared library that is targeted to server 2.
C. Multiple versions of the same shared library can be deployed and be active at the same time
D. A shared library is referenced through an application's deployment descriptor.

Answer(s): D
(Referencing Shared Java EE Libraries in an Enterprise Application)
Refer to the Exhibit.

You use the Start button in the administration console to start managed2 successfully. Which
two statements must be true?

A. Managad2 is part of a cluster.
B. The Administration Server is running.
C. Managed2 has applications deployed to it.
D. The Node Manager for machine2 is configured and running.
E. The Node Manager for the Administration Server machine is configured and running.

Answer(s): C
Within your data center, the Administration and Managed Servers utilize a shared, central
storage device, which server's access via NFS.

In this scenario, your application files no longer need to be copied to servers across the
network. Which server attribute allows you to override this behavior?

A. Startup Mode
B. Staging Mode
C. Root Directory
D. Listen Address

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